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The recent rapid growth of the hospitality and tourism industries in Taiwan has resulted in an increased demand for qualified human resources. Therefore, the College of Tourism is devoted to accommodate the rapidly-increasing popularity of the hospitality and tourism management (HTM) field in higher education. The College of Tourism was founded in 2013, and consists of the Departments of Applied English, Hotel Management, and Leisure & Regimen Management as well as programs in Hospitality Management. The integration of these different departments introduces a refreshing outlook, giving students diversified skills and knowledge. The College of Tourism is dedicated to cultivating professionalism, a positive attitude, and language proficiency in our students, as well as providing them with overseas visits and internships in reputable hotels, travel agents, restaurants, spas, resorts, and event centers.


Developing from the concept of "service, collaboration, innovation, and a global perspective," we strive to nurture our graduates to become elite professionals in the hospitality and tourism industries.